Friday, November 10, 2006

still need help, corn yarn, and organic knitting

Still needing help on my question from the last post, in case anyone has pointers or just wants to laugh, or wonder how i could be such a moron and tell me what one dumb way i'm going wrong...any of these would actually be appreciated. :) trust me, i'm completely aware that i can be...challenged, when it comes to coordination or you know, learning stuff.

On an alternate subject, as soon as I get a chance this weekend, I'll post pictures of all current WIP. I ripped out my sister's scarf tonight because I decided that doing the YOs in every row was going to make the lace ribbon too overbearing, so I'm modifying the pattern (can i even call that a pattern?) so new pattern reads:

CO 25 st.

1-6. knit first six rows in garter st.
7. K1, K2Tog, YO, Knit across
8-9. Knit in garter st.
*repeat rows 7-9 until you feel your scarf is either long enough, or you're sick to death of trying to remember whether you just did a row with a YO, or you are getting ready to do one.
10-15. knit last six rows in garter st.

BO all, and add fringe.

choose a black lace ribbon that fits nicely in the YOs and buy enough so that you can weave it through the YOs on both sides and let it hang sexily along with the fringe.

You know...I have been re-reading "Knitting Rules" (by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee) (as if any of you haven't read that book a dozen times. at least) and decided that I almost fully fall into the "organic knitter" category. I'm all about the feel/smell/color of the fibre and if something I knit comes out too big, too small, too...weird; well, it's ok. Someone will probably like it. And if not...I rip it out and start something new.

Speaking of organic knitting...I'm dying to try some of SWT Co. yarns! Corn, Soy, all that jazz...amazing. Imagine a sweater that, once you're done wearing it, wear holes in it, can no longer repair it...will actually not just be safe for the earth, but will actually biodegrade and become a part of the earth again itself.

so who wants a corn scarf? anyone else think I should knit a scarf in a bulky seed stitch with yellow "amaizing" by SWT and put decreases at one end and greenish brown at the other end with a stem...

you it looks like an ear of corn?

i may just do that.


Blogger stitchingpooh said...

Exactlly how much coffee have you had. :o) sunds interesting.

11/11/2006 1:11 AM  
Blogger caffeinated katie said...

let's just say my knitting output varies directly with the amount of caffeine i've ingested throughout the day. ;)

11/11/2006 1:02 PM  

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