Monday, November 06, 2006

bad katie...

so the blanket has no real progress, and since i didn't think to take it to work with me sunday (yesterday), i ended up with a chunk of time on my hands where i could have been knitting while my friend was in the ER. also i'm thinking more and more that this whole blanket is a mistake, because i'm an idiot who decided to knit something utterly repetitive that not only gets BIG, but takes one stitch more on every row i knit. which means each row takes longer than the last. which can't be a good omen.

the up side? i still think it's cute. this will prove to be important when i get so sick of "knit two, yarnover, knit across" that i want to puke.

and on a completely separate note, i'm thinking of making my first socks. God help me.


Blogger Sandy said...

Hello, I was just browsing through other blogs. I just started mine today, so yours is longer than mine! I think this will be time consuming! Uggh! Your title caught my eye. I used to work in a coffee shop (dream job, but I woke up...)
I hope to get more posted on my blog soon, so it's worth visiting.
Just wanted to say Hi.....

11/06/2006 10:55 AM  

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